Novadeco Marca


We are a brand that has a team of experienced professionals who believe in what they do, with extensive technical knowledge and a competitive advantage: we are proud to work together with our clients. We are a PARTNER that offers direct and daily contact and we are flexible in what each order requires. Moreover, our service is capable of responding to the most demanding needs and concerns about home, office or any space decoration.

Novadeco has always been committed to differentiation, managing to offer our clients catalogs that include a wide collection of fabrics, from the most technical ones (antibacterial, eco-friendly…), to the latest design novelties with our PREMIUM catalog. The objective is to make easier the quality of the product to the final client.

At Novadeco we think that design is not only aesthetic. We use it to find solutions with which we achieve the best results to make a home more habitable or comfortable or a business more competitive. The design of each project must be focused on the needs and requirements of each client.

Our brand approach always goes hand in hand with contributing to a better and cleaner world. We invest in sustainable materials and design; we take care of our people and our environment and we work with brands that share and represent our values.

Therefore, we work with very few suppliers that provide from the most strategic part (from the marketing point of view), to the management of the best materials for the most demanding orders.

  • The perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

  • Simplicity and minimalism. Less is more.

  • Incorporate our clients into the design process.

  • Experimentation, innovation and the future.

  • We like to manufacture our products in places with happy people and good working conditions.